Life is messy. To let go of what’s perfect and embrace your mess is true living. Keep on learning. Run wild through the struggle of doing things the wrong way, get it done the right way, and then fall again. Learn from that. And through all this bitter struggle of failure and growth, pain and joy, lack of understanding and peace, learn to recognize that you have written a story. Let it be yours and let it spill out of you to touch all the precious little lives that surround you.

This is called living. This is how we read, we run, we write.





A dreamer and a realist. A learner and a teacher. An introvert who needs her people. A quiet listener who can sound off on the causes that impassion her. A feeler on loud speakers and thinker growing louder. A control freak who really has no power whatsoever. A serious mind with a great voice for laughter. Deeper than oceans but still treading water. A friend to some and a stranger to many. A highly sensitive heart and a tough, persevering spirit. A sinner and a saint. A lost lamb seeking out her Father in the one true King.

Paradoxical, Stubborn, Daughter.

Hi, my name’s Nikki.


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