For the Beauty of Your Face


By the light of a slivery moon caressing the tops of the waters

By the sweet praise of every feathered creature

By the colors here to welcome in the morning bride

By the flesh and flap of wings o’erhead

You are here


You are in all this beauteous wonder and I praise your name for crafting such a heavenly landscape on this temporary summer’s day

It seems I will never grow tired of sitting on cold docks

Of watching the water wake

Of praying your name as you gloriously and slowly open up the heavens for today and flood beauty through the ‘scapes in which we know our land


The songwriter had it right the whole time–I do see your face in this sunrise

On this water

In these skies

And inside I’m shouting out “Hosanna”

For placing me in this world, on this day

In this place

For crafting my face and my heart and my eyes

As purely as the sunrise


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