I am alive

DSC_9199 (1)

Run at your own pace. In your own time.

Everyone around you may be running, but they will not go the same way, so stick to the path that lays before you. It’s here, just for you. Only you can run it.

If you look to your left you’ll see runners dressed alike, with gaits alike, even paired off together in uniforms alike. They will run according to another, but some must go their own way. Like you.

Maybe you tried once to fit yourself into the mold. You trained like them, ate like them, walked and talked like them. Maybe you even found a twin to run beside you for a time just to lessen insecurities and their partners.

But that wasn’t you, so you left. Made your way down some rougher terrain all alone, a restorative run for the joints, out of time, out of place. You needed air out in the woodlands with the kind of oxygen that takes its time to fill you.

Remember your breath. Remember your lungs. Remember your body in stillness runs and it runs by the blood in your veins, the pulse in each nerve. A tide of the chest reaching out, pulling in. So slow it all down. Close your eyes. Grin.

When you run with the world it all tells you to rush. When you run with the wind it speaks only “hush”. Take time to brush every inch of the soil with the taps of your feet. Soak in the dust or the puddles, let them remind you that every movement grounds you. And when sunshine is lacking, look up for promises that the light is still there and the clouds will soon fade.

Life is not a race, no matter what they say, how they train. All these trees around you sit at their own heights, with different twisting branches, uniquely planted roots, and all of them grow. So if life is what you seek, set your roots and let them grow deep. The longer you feed the better you’ll sleep, and when you rise you will run just to be here in your own skin.

And that, my friend, is what defines peace.


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