Fish. Feed. Follow.


Go back to the beginning and you will hear the tendrils of a whisper, a word, a voice all in I AM. It plays a song known by heaven. Where we are, walkers of earth, it hovers within, throughout, around, stepping through a moment to shatter the distance between the part that precedes the beginning and the everlasting, unseen and unfound.

Before all the colors, before all the plans, before the new woman and the new man

Before oceans and mountains, wind and the sand

Before all the patriarchs and their quest for the land

Before people or places or ideas conjured by speakers

Before their words and the lungs with the breath growing eager

Before all that we know on which we now stand

I AM Jehovah. I AM.

He walked this desert.

Those footsteps sound out a rhythm I have heard before,

I AM everything.

I AM a rushing river flowing out to quench your thirst.

I AM the manna fallen from heaven to fill you with my flesh.

I AM the light unseen that strikes out every corner of your darkness.

I AM the voice of the shepherd that calls you by name.

I AM the resurrection, the raiser of corpses with new garments, restored with new life.

I AM the way to the Father, the truth you believe, the life that you seek.

I AM the vine of your heart, stretching and growing the fruit you are to impart.

Abide in me,

I AM enough.

Here we are once again. The same place where I took off my shoes as you rose up through the branches to sing those whispers. Barefoot I have walked through the valley, through roaring rivers, felt oceans in my eyes. I have journeyed through this desert to meet I AM in every place and see His name on every face.

Today, I strip myself of the death and hand over my rags, let them burn in your hands. Naked before Him there are scars set in my skin that tell a story of redemption, the healing I have met by sun and by sand. It is here I rest on bended knee to receive a dress of grace from the calloused hands of a carpenter pierced through left and through right.

They cradle my feet, rough and rugged from the journey, and wash them with care.

I am cleansed. I am healed. I am new.

What do I do now?

Do you love me?

I open the box that held every broken piece of a girl on her knees.

I scoop up the heart once jaded, now reborn.

Here you go. It’s yours.

He smiles and holds out His hands, strong from the days of rebuilding.

I AM everything. I AM enough. Wear your dress and live.

Live in freedom.

Lean your heart to hear the whispers,

I AM will live inside.

Wear your scars like tattoos that speak through your skin.

Live out the story and live to tell them all.

Share your cup of grace with the child,

your bread of truth with the wandering sheep.

By the heart on your sleeve go forth and



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