Oh, the beautiful mess that you are


Let this be exactly what it is

And walk on.


Teach your heart to swim along to the flow of life’s wild waves

and keep making your way, your own way,


Because that’s what you need to find the path, the road, the track,

to make your journey through the way.

Ride the wave, ride on.


Don’t know what this is all about?

Just go with it.

Not all things need to be spelled out in letters and quantified

in numerical form just to give you some feeling of your own control.

Remember, love, you have none.


Lay it down, all messy, just as messy as life always feels,

Strong and twisted,

Out of control because it’s all just making its way

here and there by every shifting current.


Go with it.

Watch it glide by the ebb and flow of life’s tender stream

and know the unsettled are really just pioneers

seeking to discover a new way,

A brighter way outside of material boxes.


The restless know that choices bend

by the weight of every kind of want,

Bashing heads and splitting hairs

in every unheavenly direction.


The lost are always adventuring towards a place

where life bleeds by an otherworldly commotion,

Ready to set some lungs on fire and beg those hearts to cry.


Feelers know the healing needs of the bruised and their afflictors.

There’s a sense all around these tenderhearted honeys

that the world can’t run on piecing back together its own brokenness

in ways that choke out life for all and love from one.


So lay down the burden of your shifting desires

and revel in the dreams produced by all those never ending choices.

Some even grip the flesh so long that a superpower will go uncovered:

To stand up, live out, and breathe the purest kind of breath

All on their own.


These creatures know the seas, the breeze

and squeeze out every bit of joy from days glorious,

Born of all dismal pain.

They move to dance through flowers, run barefoot and

bareback with the earth.


They drive down roads with no directions

because they feel that as they will themselves to wander

They take on a lifeblood forged long ago

by one who created every precious timely moment

to be savored by the free.


One thought on “Oh, the beautiful mess that you are

  1. Hey Nikki, i really liked this poem or narritive, it sounded more upbeat and more you. Have a great week-end. Blessings grandma


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