An Ode to Women Everywhere


I will  be her

The girl who chased comets

With Wallace and Gromit

And stopped by at Gumby’s

Just to say hello

I will be she

Who knows Laughter with

Dwight, Phyllis, and Ryan and

Clues in the secretary for

Secrets that plot against dorks and

Fiancés wrong

I will be her

A woman bent on lifting kettles by

Tea and for medals that

Earn her the right to lift the heavy stuff

Upon moving day

I will be the move maker

The siren quaking for the world to feel

Some small piece of the Spirit

So they would speak and move to heartbeats

Rather than a single man’s feat

I will be the woman on her knees

With life savings spent on a bottle for

Bathing the one man who won’t

Disappoint the female broken,

Before him I am daughter lovely,

Precious and adored

Beyond those days in April, May,

June and whenever

I will be bent on becoming just One

One separate, One strong, but not alone

I will be Lady Eleanor,

Writer Jane, Starlet Audrey,

The Poet She

I will be all the Shes

Who stand for life and

Living loud and free.


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