The names we have are bigger than our bodies


Those days were the days
The ones when earth-shattering terrors took to the land
Not by sea, but there was an ark-worthy flood

Who could have seen those waves coming to crash through everything that stands
Until we’re all on our knees just pleading
For some blood, some water, some kind, any kind of relief?

I felt it all the while in my back and on my brain
It crept like mice chewing their way out
To someplace with nothing left to offer
Those minds all knew it,
But they could never quite predict when the storms would be closing in
At least not with any accuracy

One so great and recurring
Throws the news into a daily tizzy
They call her Tempest Fury
Her rage and level of destruction wreak and tell of a newborn bent on losing fragile lungs
To all the years of tears she lent to crying

She knows her rage has nothing to do with world obliteration
It’s all about her peace
Her tears? Release.


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