Starry Night


We hold promises here by the light of candles burning bright, one million strong in the darkest of places between the crooks and crannies bent wayward long on the tendrils of night,

Those lights do not exist for night, but through it, beaming louder with catatonic wild eyes watching a crashing show of pieces present for the fire that burns for peace,

We all know it. The twinkles came by a night not so silent with the angelic prisms singing down their glorious hallelujahs celebrating a baby who would change the course of history and

Histories we find written on ourselves. These books preach light as life, the words have breath and glow so bright they melt out blacker things that cling to the sacred parts of man,

We sing it here at this time to remember that those paths taken have turned these vessels into mirrors. We reflect. We burn. We bleed out all the colors needed for the mind to see,

When you take a look around, ‘cause this is one you will want eyes for, you will see and see things in three, knowing life and light and I AM is what makes joy smile,

We kneel, we bow, we stand to pick out our stars and throw them cross the sky, a humble time of worship for a baby made from flesh and light,

I stand between the candle’s sun and feel the precious trickle of one soul changed by that not so peaceful night. I know those treasures spill in stories and they gleam to stitch a face unseen,

I feel those days consumed in love, in filth, in heat at once to feel the words that bid me shine it all out for the joy that has found its home in a girl bearing a cross crafted by the melody sung in beating rests.


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