The Bee is here to teach the “be”

Spell out the words you have to say

And if you can’t spell, smell

The letters one by one as

They land on their pages.


That’s how you beat this,

One groove, one letter, one

Hair pulled, one day at a time.

Don’t worry about the mess

No one cries over spilled milk anymore


And your eyes they stream full of milk

With the tears and the green they were

Given at birth. Don’t apologize for any

Piece of your presence,

You are here and for good reason.


This bedroom, that classroom

The child learning to read in his corner

The smile of a girl whose words get

Swallowed more than nutrition,

It’s all a mission here, right before you.

See its magic, its lightning-like decadence?

You were brought here to spell out

Yourself for young eyes with new vision.


So take a breath, let it out, and

Whirr on the words you envision.

You are more than a prodigal

More than Samaritan

More than a child,

More than male possession–

A toy for the shelf,

You are human, you have lungs

Scream it out, let it out

With truth and full conviction.


I will rise alone and sail my way to where

The Spirit leads me.

I can hear the peaceful waters

They play louder than your religion.

You follow yourself

I follow my God

He is stronger

He is wise and wraps me up to say

You are loved and you are mine


So spell g-o-o-d-b-y-e.


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